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The Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps is very proud to be a founding member of the International Sea Cadet Association (often referred to as “ISCA”), an association of over 20 national Sea Cadet organisations around the world. 

Our membership of ISCA, and our active involvement in its various working groups, provides us with a truly global set of training resources, and presents our Cadets and Adult Instructors with extraordinary opportunities for travel and training overseas. 

While each ISCA ( member country is free to define its own aims and objectives, the common principles that join us together are:

  • to encourage young people towards high personal standards, teamwork and a sense of responsibility to the community through the medium of disciplined nautical training and development of leadership qualities; and

  • to develop in young people an appreciation of the importance of the sea to international commerce, defense and the protection of the environment.

The Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps is very proud to be a part of putting these international aims into practice. 



We conduct regular annual exchanges with the UK Sea Cadet Corps, the Navy League of Canada, and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps, sending our Cadets (ages 12+) overseas to those host countries to take part in training and cultural activities, and to interact with and learn about Sea Cadets from around the world. Opportunities also exist for exchanges and training with the Hong Kong Sea Cadet Corps, the Japan Sea Cadet Federation and even the Zimbabwe Sea Cadet Corps, to name just a few!

We also regularly host Cadets from each of those countries at our own Bermuda International Exchange, giving our Cadets of all ages an opportunity to learn about how they are part of a truly international Sea Cadet movement.

Cadets are selected for exchange opportunities based on their demonstrated commitment and dedication to Sea Cadet training and activities, with special emphasis given to the development of leadership potential.  The costs of the exchanges are substantially supported by the Cadets’ own fundraising activities at the Unit level, and through the support of the Bermuda Sea Cadet Association. 




Our ISCA membership also provides our adult instructors with expenses-paid travel and training opportunities.  Whether serving as an escort officer supervising our Cadets on overseas exchanges, or taking part in diverse and high quality training programs hosted by other member countries, our instructors and adult volunteers are able to learn and develop within an incredible international network of like-minded organisations. 

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