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The Bermuda Sea Cadet Corps is very proud of the role it has played in the local Bermuda community, and indeed in the broader international community, throughout the more than half century of its existence. Service is a very important part of
what we do, and the support we receive in turn from those we serve is at the heart of our success.

Sea Cadets are actively encouraged to assist in the community.  We provide support for community events across the island, with Cadet volunteers (helped by family and friends!) helping with charity tag days, sporting events, festivals and fairs.

The Sea Cadets are particularly proud to provide ceremonial support for local and national parades and events.  The Cadets train hard and work together as a team to ensure that their drill and uniform is at the very highest standard, and they proudly march to honour our veterans, national heroes and leaders.


Fundraising through community events is also an essential part of the Sea Cadet experience.  Delicious fish fry and pot luck dinners, and family games nights help bring the local community together, and raise much needed funds to support the Cadets’ training.

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